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  • Sparta Fertility

    It's an unique and futuristic web-based Fertility treatment software
    that addresses the need for clinical, administrative,
    and patient support services of your IVF centre.

Welcome to Sparta Fertility

Sparta Fertility is among the best software products across the globe. It helps to track the complete treatment including the medical history, high level synopsis, progress of treatment, pharmacy allocation, investigations and procedures and the various treatments that the patient is likely to go during the course of the treatments.

Additionally, being a product on a secured cloud, this enables the medical director/clinicians to provide treatment even remotely when needed. This helps the centers scale into multiple clinics with the coverage of specialist clinicians remotely.

Why Choose Us?


We help you to get in touch with patients

Here at Sparta Fertility, we are constantly working towards improving healthcare for billions of people across the globe. As we do that, we realised that there are some major healthcare issues within our own country that need to be addressed. India is fast becoming home to major lifestyle diseases with over 65M cases.